Job Application

The candidates can apply for the jobs posted by the CareTech recruitment team, by
logging in to the system. The candidates can view the list of jobs by clicking the View Jobs menu
item under Careers menu in the home page.

The system will display the list of jobs along with the summary of the job like Req.No,
Posted date etc.., as shown in the below image. The candidate can click on a particular job link
to view the job description.

The candidate can click on Apply Now link in order to apply for that particular job. Also the candidate
can go back to the job list screen by clicking the Back to Job List link to select other jobs.

The candidate enters the basic profile details like contact information, education, etc..

and clicks on the Next button to go to the Candidate Application Details page.

The candidate may click on Save button when they want to partially complete an application, leave
and return later to finish it.

Click on Submit, in order to submit the application details and up on submission he/she will get a
success message as shown below.

Note: After submitting the job application, the candidate can view the application details but cannot
make any changes.