Candidate Registration

Create Account

All candidates who wish to apply for a job posted externally by CareTech; can apply online through the application.
In order to apply for a job, the candidate profile must be registered within the system as given below.

Steps to register:
  • Visit the application at

  • Select Careers menu listed at the top right corner of the web page
  • Select View Jobs option available in the Careers menu. This will list all the jobs posted externally
  • Click on the Create Account button. The application will display the registration page

  • Fill in the details such as First Name, Last Name, Email & Preferred Password

  • Upon successfull registration, the application will send a confirmation mail to the email id registerd .
  • In the success page, user can click on the Login button to sign in or click on the View Job List button
    to view the list of jobs list.

  • In case of the email id already registered with the application, the application will throw an error stating "The email id already exists"

  • Password Policy

    S.No Scenario Recommended Functionality
    1 Minimum Length 6 Minimum number of characters the password must contain to be acceptable
    2 Case Sensitive (recommended) Checked Causes the password to distinguish between capitalized and non-capitalized letters

    Candidate Login

    Once you registered with the application you can sign in into the application at any point of time with the account credentials.
    Please follow below steps to login into the application.
  • Click on Sign in button , fill the Email/Username & Password fields with the credentials given at the time of account registration.
  • Click on the LOGIN button.

  • If the user credentials are valid then the application will take you to the view jobs screen.